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At its core, Tinylog is a platform that allows you to easily publish a blog and newsletter. It's a central point for your publishing needs that enables you to easily put out content without too much trouble setting everything up. The long-term goal is to enable everybody to host their statically generated blogs wherever they want, with Tinylog being the central place that helps with discoverability. It combines decentralization and owning your data with the benefits of a central platform.

Like a record label for your writing.

Hosting and sending

Hosting blogs on your own server is not quite there yet, but high up on the roadmap. Right now, all blogs are hosted on Tinylog servers and we send out the newsletters for you. The idea is to allow for an integration with existing newsletter providers and a simple "deploy pipeline" that will push updates to your blog to your own server right away. Hosting and newsletter sending on your own will always be optional, so you can also rely on Tinylogs infrastructure to take care of it for you.

A publishing platform for blogs and newsletters

Focus on writing and profit from distribution to a network of likeminded writers and beyond.

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