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How it works

When you publish a new article we update your static (self-hosted) blog and share it with the Tinylog community and your newsletter subscribers. It's like a record label for your writing — Distributed with the benefit of a centralized community.

Custom domain and self-hosting for real ownership

Own your data and decide where it's hosted. Optional self-hosting with all the benefits from using our network of writers.

Static sites and automatic SSL for speed and security

All blogs are rendered into static pages, automatically protected with an SSL certificate without additional costs.

Extendable custom themes for all your individual needs

Blog and newsletter themes are open source and can be edited to fit your needs and liking. Be creative and make it your own.

Made for one thing only – Writing

At its core, Tinylog is a platform that allows you to easily publish a blog and newsletter. Every blog can have aditional pages and can be public or private. Tinylogs are not a replacement for a full CMS, shop or website builder.

Get a look behind the scenes, by checkoing out this real world example of a blog hosted with tinylog that documents the process of building the product itself.

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Discoverable. Customizable. Yours.

Every Tinylog is automatically discoverable on the platform, making it easy for you to grow your audience. The long term idea is to enable you to host it on your own servers, while still keeping the platform a central place to discover blogs and authors. In the beginning, every blog will get its own subdomain.

Blogs can be customized with themes, which are all open source. That means everybody can create their own theme, remix others and create a unique blog and newsletter.


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